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The Most Extensive

UTI RELIEF Formula Ever Created

UTI Flush has over 30 proven herbal extracts that provide
fast and effective relief from urinary tract infections

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UTI Flush goes beyond common supplements to provide you with the complete,
lasting relief that you need:

  • Find relief by soothe inflammation in the bladder wall
  • Keep the bacteria from progressing further into your kidneys
  • Eliminate bad bacteria that cause your painful symptoms
  • Resume normal urinary pH (acidity)
  • Strengthen your immune system so it can eliminate harmful bacteria quickly

UTI Flush is an all natural supplement designed with the help of urologists that deal with urinary infection cases everyday. There is excellent clinical evidence to show how this remarkable combination of 30 ingredients help you target the root causes of UTIs.

Why Proper Treatment is so important

UTI’s are not only uncomfortable but they also have the ability to harm your kidneys and cause your immune system to weaken. If you are a UTI sufferer, it’s important to know that the bacteria that causes it tends to make the infections worse over time. Every next episode of the infection is stronger and weakens your immune system further making it even easier to keep the infection going.

The bacteria that cause urinary infections also have the tendency to keep traveling up the tract, deep into your urinary system. As bad as your symptoms might be right now, if the bacteria travels far up enough, the infection can reach your kidneys. Kidney infections are not only hard to treat, they can leave your kidneys permanently damaged.

What’s most disturbing is that a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology has concluded that a history of urinary tract infections can also increase your lifetime risk of kidney cancer and bladder cancer.

In short, new clinical evidence is now clearly showing that urinary tract infections should never be ignored and the earlier you treat them the better.


The discomfort you feel during a urinary infection is a direct cause of the inflammation caused by the harmful bacteria inside your tracts:

  • Burning during urination
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Urgency to urinate immediately even if amount of urine is less
  • Cloudy urine
  • Seeing blood or small particles in urine
  • Pain in lower abdomen or fever can mean the infection has spread to the kidneys

In many people these symptoms only occur when the infection is at its worst. In many cases, the symptoms may be mild or even absent and yet the bacteria could be actively causing damage to the urinary system. In many of these people, the infection lingers for months in this chronic sub-acute form and is only typically diagnosed through urine tests.

It is crucial to understand that once you’ve experienced UTI symptoms, you have to take immediate action to ensure that your body has fully overcome the infection. Leaving things to your immune system alone almost always ensures that your infection will return at some point and further the damage to your urinary system.

Why Urinary Tract Infections Occur

Bacteria is found almost everywhere. It's on our skin, in our mouths and on almost every surface you come into contact with. While some bacteria are beneficial to our body such as the one found in our digestive tracts, most of it is harmful and damaging to our tissues.

Our body works very hard to keep these types of bacteria away from our tissues and organs. However, every place where the inside of our body comes into contact with the outside world is a potential place for a bacterial attack.


The at-risk areas include the mouth, nose, anus and the urethra (penis/vagina). This is why we tend to get gum disease, throat infections and in our case, urinary tract infections.

Bacteria found outside the urethra begins to line up and multiply going upwards. When this bacteria reaches the bladder, it begins to irritate the entire bladder wall causing discomfort.

The immune system recognizes the bacteria as a foreign invader and begins its attack.This counter-attack by our immune system is what causes all the uncomfortable symptoms we feel during UTIs.

Bacterial infections put a load on our immune system and recurrent infections can lower your immunity. A weaker immune system allows for bacteria to keep returning and multiply past your bladder and into the kidneys.

Antibiotics are helpful, but not the answer

There's no doubt that if you have a severe infection, taking antibiotics can save your life. However, antibiotics usually do more harm than good in the long term.

Antibiotics are a brute force way of treating UTIs. They indiscriminately kill all types on bacteria in your bladder, including the good bacteria that are essential for keeping the harmful bacteria in constant check. These beneficial bacteria line our urinary tract and compete with the harmful bacteria for resources. This ensures that the bad bacteria which pose a constant threat at the doorway of the urethra never get a foothold inside our urinary tract. Antibiotics throw this entire balance off.

Most people who take antibiotics tend to find temporary relief from their urinary tract infection but become more susceptible to recurrent bacterial infections in the future.

Another risk of taking antibiotics is that it can lead to the bacteria developing resistance to them. Recurrent use of antibiotics has been linked to the development of severe infections that are much harder to treat.

Treating your UTI should go beyond just overcoming your symptoms in the short term. The only way to find safe and complete relief is to target every single one of the 6 root causes of UTIs simultaneously.

6 causes of urinary tract infections

There are 6 root causes of urinary tract infections and once you target all six factors, you can find immediate and long lasting relief from them. Once you have targeted all these factors, you essentially close all the possible doors for the bacteria to find its way back into your urinary system and fortify your body’s on going defenses against any future infections.

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    Urine that is
    too alkaline
    (not acidic enough)

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    Improper flow
    of urine

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    Unhealthy bladder
    allowing bacteria
    to thrive

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    Weak immune

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    Using antibiotics
    too often

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    Poor diet &

How uti flush works

UTI Flush is a liquid cleanse that has a remarkable combination of 30 natural herbal extracts that work together to bring you fast and long lasting urinary infection relief.

Its 4 point action targets all underlying causes of UTIs and ensures that you overcome your infection quickly, safely and painlessly:

prevents bad bacteria from growing

Specific ingredients prevent bacteria from sticking to the urinary tracts. By preventing them from attaching to your tissues, you are able to drastically reduce their numbers.

Adjusts Urine pH

UTI flush adjusts your urine acidity to make it harder for bad bacteria to grow in your urinary tracts. This effect combined with their inability to multiply quickly stops them from progressing further into your urinary system.

Flushes out bacteria

Natural diuretic herbs help your body make more urine so that bad bacteria is flushed out of your urinary tracts. As bacteria flushes out, your tracts begin to return to normal health.

Eases pain & irritation

Remarkable anti-inflammatory herbs work specifically in your urinary tracts and soothe the inflammation caused by bad bacteria. As soon as you take UTI Flush, you begin to feel the burning subside and go away.

Unlike conventional powdered formulas, the liquid extracts in UTI Flush absorb into your body 10 times faster and quickly release therapeutic compounds into your urinary system. UTI Flush cleanses your urinary system of impurities and irritants while soothing and restoring its normal function simultaneously.

Uti Flush Ingredients - Safe & Effective

The reason why the UTI Flush formula is so effective is because of the careful blending process of all the ingredients.
The specific amounts of each ingredient helps provide its synergistic & remarkable effect.

Move cursor Over Ingredient for More Info

  • D-Mannose


    Clinical studies have shown that D-Mannose is as effective as antibiotics in clearing UTIs without any of the side effects. D-Mannose works by preventing bacteria from sticking to the inner walls of your urinary tracts and helping them flush out easily.

  • Cranberry

    Cranberry Concentrate

    This ingredient works in two ways to relieve your UTI. First, it lowers the pH of your urine which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. Secondly, it works directly on the surface of E.Coli (the most common bacterial cause of UTIs) and prevents it from sticking to your urinary tract lining

  • Vitamin C

    Vitamin C

    During UTIs, bacteria in your urine convert nitrates in your urine into nitrites. Vitamin C causes a healthy acidification of your urine which in-turn converts these nitrites into nitrogen oxides that help kill the harmful bacteria. Vitamin C also has potent antioxidant activity and helps boost your immune defenses against urinary tract infections

  • Buchu leaf extract

    Buchu Leaf

    The buchu plant has a disinfectant effect on the entire urinary system. In addition to its antimicrobial effect, buchu leaf also acts as a gentle diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect which helps in soothing your irritated urinary tract.

  • Uva Ursi

    Uva Ursi

    This herb has withstood the test of time and was used over a thousand years ago by Chinese and Native Americans as an effective way to treat urinary infections. Uva Ursi helps clear UTIs in many ways. Its active ingredient Arbutin has a powerful antibacterial effect. It also helps ease urinary tract inflammation, relieves urinary pain and lowers excess uric acid in your urine. Note, that unlike products that may use a very high dose of this ingredient, the UTI Flush formula uses a small enough dose to ensure that you are able to reap the herb’s benefits without experiencing any side effects.

  • Marshmallow Root

    Marshmallow Root

    Marshmallow root contains compounds known as mucilages that have an anti-irritant effect on your urinary tract and your bladder walls. It's anti-inflammatory effect helps soothe the irritation during urination and the frequent urge to urinate. It also works in conjunction with other herbs such as Uva Ursi to ensure they can exert their beneficial effect without causing any side effects.

  • FOS(Fructo-oligosaccharides)

    FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharides)

    FOS is a specialized plant fiber that addresses the larger issue of bacterial imbalance in our body which occurs as a result of UTIs. Unlike other ingredients in UTI Flush that directly target the bad bacteria and help neutralize it, FOS acts as a prebiotic that helps nourish healthy bacteria which keep harmful bacteria at bay.

  • Crataeva Nurvala Extract

    Crataeva Nurvala Extract

    This extract has shown to be effective against both gram-positive and gram-negative mediated urinary infections. This extract has also shown to prevent oxalates in the urine from coming together to form stones in your kidneys an bladder.

  • Hibiscus Extract

    Hibiscus Extract

    This extract is rich in polyphenols (flavonoids, sambubiosides and proanthocyanidins) that inhibit the activity of many different types of microbes responsible for UTIs including E.Coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In a recent double-blind, placebo controlled trial, test subjects with a history of chronic UTIs taking this extract showed a 77% decrease in urinary infections.

  • Dandelion Root Extract

    Dandelion Root Extract

    This ingredient helps improve urine flow while its anti-inflammatory effect soothes irritated urinary tissue. Dandelion root works synergistically with many other ingredients in UTI Flush: It has both an anti-viral and antibacterial effect that enhances the antimicrobial effect of Uva Ursi, it works with Crataeva Nurvala to prevent renal stones and works with Marshmallow root to ease the frequent urge to urinate.

  • Goldenrod(aerial parts)

    Goldenrod Extract

    This ingredient is so effective that The German Commission E has officially approved it as a treatment for inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract. Not only does it have an antiseptic effect on the urinary tract, it also helps flush out renal crystals that may irritate the urinary lining and its astringent effect can help heal the inflamed tissue faster.

  • Goldenseal Root

    Goldenseal Root

    This herb contains an active ingredient called berberine and many other alkaloids that both kill harmful bacteria and stimulate your immune system. Goldenseal also supports the function of D-Mannose and caranberry extract by preventing harmful bacteria from adhering to the walls if your urinary tract, allowing them to be easily flushed out with your urine.

  • Parsley(aerial parts)


    Parsley is an effective herb to flush your kidneys. It is rich in Vitamin A, C, D, folic acid, chlorophyll and antioxidants. Its mild diuretic effect combined with its mild antimicrobial effect make it the perfect gentle cleanser for your entire urinary system.

  • Barberry(Berberis vulgaris)

    Barberry Root

    This herb synergistically with goldenseal because both are rich sources of berberine and alkaloid compounds. In studies, barberry root has shown to have antimicrobial activity against E.Coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

  • Echinacea


    Active compounds in Echinacea enhance your immune system’s ability to fight the urinary infection, reduce the inflammation caused by the bacteria and relieve the pain caused by urinary tract irritation.

  • Horsetail


    Horsetail’s ability to tighten epithelial tissue that make up the inner lining of your urinary tract and its antispasmodic action on the smooth muscle of your bladder make it an effective soothing agent during UTIs. In addition to its potent diuretic action, its astringent properties also allow it to quickly heal micro-injury to your urinary tissue from an infection.

  • Cellery Seed

    Celery Seed Extract

    The dual antiseptic and diuretic effect of celery seed make it an effective therapeutic agent for relieving urinary tract infections. It is also effective at flushing out uric acid crystals from your urinary system and preventing them from forming kidney stones.

  • Cleavers(Galium aparine)

    Cleavers Leaf

    Cleaver leaf is known for its ability to relieve the UTI discomfort. It has a “cooling” effect on irritated tissue which helps ease the burning pain during urinary tract infections. Cleavers leaf extract is also one of the most effective cleansing tonics for the kidneys because of its detoxifying and diuretic properties.

  • Grapefruit Seed Extract

    Grapefruit Seed Extract

    This ingredient is now emerging as a potent weapon against UTIs because of its ability to resolve even antibiotic resistant urinary infections. Grapefruit seed extract has wide spectrum antimicrobial effects. It is an effective antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic and antibacterial substance. In fact, it has shown to be effective against over 800 different bacterial strains (including E. Coli and Staphylococcus Saprophyticus).

  • Lemon Balm

    Lemon Balm

    Not only does lemon balm itself have antibacterial, antiviral properties and antioxidant properties, it also stimulates your immune system to fight your UTI more effectively. As a secondary benefit, the inclusion of lemon balm in the UTI Flush formula helps give it a wonderful flavor that allows us to eliminate the need for any artificial flavoring.

  • Yarrow


    Yarrow,s powerful antibacterial effect makes it a fast acting urinary disinfectant. It also helps improve the tone of your bladder tissue and is especially beneficial when combined with Uva Ursi (also included in the UTI Flush formla).

  • St. Johns Wort

    St. Johns Wort

    While this herb is most widely used to improve one’s mood, new research has revealed that St. John’s Wort can be very beneficial for relieving bladder pain. Active ingredients in this herb ease bladder hypersensitivity by soothing the nerves that control lower urinary tract activity. This effectively eases bladder spasms and the frequent urge to urinate.

  • Bilberry

    Bilberry Extract

    Bilberry is considered a trophorestorative herb for the urinary system, meaning that it has the ability to restore the normal function of the kidneys and bladder. As a close relative of cranberries and shares much of their antibacterial, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. However the main reason for the addition of this herb is its antioxidant effect, which is even stronger than cranberries.

  • Astragalus(Astragalus Membranaceus)

    Astragalus Root

    Studies have shown that chronic UTI sufferers tend to have an impaired immune response to harmful bacteria. It is believed that this impaired response is due to lower levels of a protein called TLR4 that plays a role in activating the immune system to expel harmful bacteria from the bladder and control urinary tract inflammation. Astralagus root increases the levels of TLR4 and can provide your immune system the additional support it needs to overcome your UTI problem for the long term.

  • Asparagus Extract

    Asparagus Extract

    Asparagus is often used for irrigation therapy to cleanse out the urinary tracts during UTIs. It has shown to inhibit 18 different types of harmful bacteria, lower inflammation of the urinary tract and boost the immune system.

  • Trikatu


    Trikatu plays a bioenhancer role in the UTI Flush formula by increasing the overall bioavailability of our product. This combination of long pepper, ginger and black pepper has been used effectively in Ayurvedic medicine for over 1000 years to increase the absorption of the active compounds into the body.

  • Bromelain


    This is an enzyme derived from pineapples. In a recent double-blind, placebo controlled study showed that adding bromelian to the treatment regimen of UTI sufferer’s doubled the success rate of the treatment.

  • Corn Silk

    Corn Silk

    This extract is derived from the silky fibers wrapped around corn when it ripes. It is known to have a soothing effect on irritate urinary tissue and has a mild flushing effect in our urinary system.

  • Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera Extract

    This extract is very effective against many types of harmful pathogens including pseudomonas aeruginosa (a common cause of secondary UTIs). In fact, in studies Aloe Vera extract was able to kill these pathogens within 24 hours of being exposed to it.

  • Ginger root

    Ginger Root Extract

    Ginger’s antibiotic effect is so potent that in comparative studies it was shown to be superior in fighting staphylococcus aureus and S. pyreus. It also eases inflammation of the urinary tracts by inhibiting the production of nitrous oxide and proinflammatory cytokines. Finally, because the UTI Flush formula contains over 30 individual ingredients, this extract helps ensure that the overall formula is gentle on the stomach and easily digested.

Success Stories

"l have been suffering from recurrent urinary infections for almost 11 years. Recently my recurrences got much worse and I started having them every month. My doctor had me on antibiotics which only made it worse. Each year I needed to either go on a different antibiotic or a stronger dose. That's when 1 realized I needed to go after what was causing my infections not just treating my symptoms.

That's when I discovered UTI Flush and started taking it. I could feel it soothing my urinary tracts and my infection was gone in less than a week. Even more amazing is the fact that I have not had another recurrence for the last 3 months, which incidentally is the amount of time I have been on UTI Flush. I wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone who wants to get rid of their urinary infections at home"

Laura G.GA

"UTI Flush is the absolute best thing you can take for your UTI. I had started noticing that I was often experience burning when I passed urine. It also had an odd smell and would froth when it hit the toilet water. My doctor then informed me that I had a urinary tract infection and told me to drink cranberry juice. This didn't do much for me so I decided to go with something more effective and switched to UTI Flush. By the first day, my urine was clearer and did not smell at all. I didn't feel that itching and burning feeling I was feeling the day before. 1 am convinced that UTI Flush cleared my infection and has protected me from UTIs ever since"

Stan J.MO

"…I have been a chronic urinary infection sufferer for many years. I never thought my infections were anything more than a nuisance and simply ignored them till they were gone. This continued till January of this year when my infection got so bad that I started getting chills at night. The next morning I was throwing up and by the time I went to the emergency room and had my tests done, the infection had spread to my kidneys.

While he had me on very strong meds, I also took UTI Flush. My infection cleared up slowly and my kidneys got back to normal. That's when it hit me that UTI's should be taken very seriously. UTI Flush does exactly what it promises – it keeps your entire urinary system healthy."

May L. WA

"…I’m a strong believer in natural medicine since it's so safe. However, when it comes to urinary tract or bladder infections not all products are created equal. I usually put products through a simple test to see if they work. I check my urinary pH to see if my urine is becoming less alkaline and if it does I know that bacteria can't grow in my tracts. UTI Flush changes your urine's pH and normalizes it, making it much harder for you to get a urinary infection. Try this test at home. Simply buy a litmus strip and check your urinary acidity and see how UTI Flush changes it back normal. This proves how well the product cleanses your tracts and improves the consistency of your urine. I have been taking UTI Flush for a long time and swear by its effectiveness…"

Robert D. IL

About US

Over 10 years of research. That’s what it took us to discover that urinary tract infections are far more difficult to overcome than people are lead to believe. Anyone that claims UTI’s can be easily knocked out by any single ingredient like cranberry juice or D-Mannose is either misinformed themselves or is misleading you. Studies have shown that once you’ve had your first urinary tract infection, there’s an 80% chance you’ll have another one within the next year.

Studies have also shown that not only do UTIs keep coming back but that recurrent UTIs are linked to both kidney and bladder cancer.

UTI Flush is the first product designed to go beyond just symptomatic control. It’s extensive formula is meant to knock out the infection once and for all Due to the resistant nature of urinary infections, it eventually took no less than 30 separate ingredients to attack the problem from multiple angles simultaneously and overcome it.

Our company has pioneered the science of long term UTI relief and our results speak for themselves. Customer reports show that UTI Flush lowers the bacterial count and eases bladder inflammation faster than any other natural product. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at our one-of-a-kind guarantee. We’re the only company that supplies you with UTI test strips so that you can see the bacterial load fall first hand.

We have a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau


UTI Flush has been specifically made by doctors for the sole purpose of helping UTI sufferers find long lasting relief. We are so confident it can help you that we offer a 1 full year guarantee on your purchase.

No questions asked.

Guarantee Hotline: 1.800.226.1384

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